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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daily Studies! 09/17/2014

Hi! Today I'm starting my journal of documenting my daily studies and progress. Everyday before bed, or before work, I'll spend atleast an hour to paint from reference, either from photograph or life. My goal is to improve my fundamental skills by understanding shapes, lights, colors, values, and textures and also by this I'll expand my visual library. Each day corresponds to a different subject, in this way I can cover more grounds and improve them simultaneously. Aside from this I'll now also post my speedpaints daily, instead of dumping them at once. In daily studies, there's no imagination or thinking, all of that are gonna be applied in the daily speedpaint. The schedule I'll follow is below.

Today is Wednesday so I did a portrait. It was kinda hard to find good portrait references without worrying about violating copyright laws or need for asking permission, so I opted for movie stills. Easier to find and they already have the cinematic lighting I aim to stock in my visual library. I chose to do Ra's al Ghul (Liam Neeson) of Batman Begins.

Needs more work on the likeness. I could have spend more time to it but decided to leave it like that . For now I'll limit my self to one hour for these studies and post whatever I finish even if it's crap. I gotta spare time to do other things like work, and family time.

Also speedpaints and personal sketches I've done over the week.

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