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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sketch 05/30/11

Hello just a quick update

I'm trying to achieve speed and precision. I tried to more focus on gesture, mood, composition and ignored putting extra details.

And a photo study  reference

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sketch 05/22/11

Hello! It's been some time already, days feel like it comes and go so fast. Hopefully I've spent my time well for beneficial things.  It's been my 4 month+ already at my new work place and everything was great, I had new experiences and I'm learning a lot from my colleagues. My new home is pretty nice and just enough for me, though it's a bit hot at night, I feel more comfortable now than my first weeks there. I still regularly go back home to my parents place every week. I always miss our pup, he's like my youngest brother. Recently I've been helping my brother and my father fix my grandma's old house which she left to us. Tiring and messy job, but it's fun and t I'm learning to build things. Hopefully I'll gain some muscles too! lol Well that's all for now gotta go but first here are some sketches and studies.

  The Legion Progress shots
Sketches and studies

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Legion

A lot as happened to me lately but fortunately I was able to do a personal work during the holidays which I just finally finished tonight. I had ambitious attempts on this piece and so I wanted it to be better than my preious works. I really like medieval warfare like that of Lord of the Rings movie and I really wanted to paint something like that but I never had the confidence before. Although this theme has been used a lot, still it was a great accomplishment for me to finally have my take on it.