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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sketch 12/14/10

Here's a work in progress for y entry on CA's CHOW challenge for this week. The theme is to create our own muse, a representation of our inspiration and influence. Mine is a goddess of the beauty and the ugliness of the world, a godess of knowledge and perseverance, of faith and war.
Another entry for CA challenge, environent of the week (EOW). A captain's room is the topic. I didn't really thought much about this and did this quick, because I don't really have much time to put on this. I just wanna try and join the fun.
And a portrait of an Abo-an and a few figure drawings


  1. Hi! I'm so sory for late reply. Once again thanks for warm words and adding me to dev watch :)
    Of course I don't have to say again and again, how much I like your art. Keep it up!