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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Muse

This was my entry for the CA character of the week. The theme is about a muse, a character that serves as inspiration and patron for an artist. My muse reflects my influences and inspiration. She is a goddess of beauty and ugliness of the world, a goddess of knowledge and perseverance, of faith and war.


  1. Wow this is so awesome *.*
    I am totally stunned by all the Details and the character itself. And also the colors you have choosen are beautiful. Really great job!
    Do you always work with a greyscale version of your artwork? I am just interested in your techniques :D

  2. Thanks Pika! I rarely use the greyscale base, mostly I use it to get a good foundation but sometimes it can be boring at start. I actually enjoy more doing speed paintings.

  3. The general feeling of this work is amazing. Maybe I didn't see much enough works, but as now I can tell your concept for the muse is really original. Also, I admire, how you well you added details, and highlights of metal materials.
    Wish you luck in competition! :)

  4. Thanks namae. It really is not a copetition though, it's just a community activity, the most prize I can get is appreciation and critics.

  5. Oh, yet I wish you getting quite good pieces of critique.